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Hey NaNoites!

Well hello to anyone and everyone who is participating in NaNoWriMo 2008!  I'd like to formerly welcome you to Writer's Tools, the LiveJournal community for anyone who needs any kind of help with writing.  Whether it be the mechanics of writing, or you're just looking for someone to give you ideas or help you edit something your wrote either for class or for fun, Writer's Tools is here to help you!

Anyone of any age or background is welcome here.  I'd like everyone to feel comfortable posting here and asking for help.  No question is stupid when it comes to you wanting to improve your writing.  You can post anything from questions about comma placement to asking for someone to help you edit a paper, story, poem, whatever. 

There really are no rules here, as there has been no reason to put any up here yet.  Just common sense and common courtesy.  If you do plan on posting any stories or poems you have written to this community, please place THE ENTIRE piece behind a cut.  On that note, if anyone does post their work, please give them constructive criticism.  Do not bash on them, keep your comments to them polite and point out what is wrong grammatically or mechanically and what you think they could improve on.  Please refrain from calling them names.  That'd be nice. 

Anyway, anyone feel free to post anything and everything about writing.  Maybe you have some tips?  Share them!  Maybe you know of some good books?  Post about them!  Have a book review or poetry review?  Go ahead and post it, but keep it behind a cut!

Thanks to everyone here, and welcome to all the people who may be flooding in here from the NaNo boards or any other new people!

Your Mod,


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